While playing Cosmic Crown I realise that it reminds me of superb roguelike Hoplite.

The two games are quite different, but they share a number of elements - they're both games of observation and tactics, for instance.

The idea in Cosmic Crown is to move a little goblin-like fella from one end of a narrow gauntlet to the other. The crown you're after is at the other end, you see.

You can only move your character up and down to do this - there's no side movement here.

But you do have the ability to dash forwards and backwards, both of which incur a cooldown time after they've been used.

You also have the ability to wait on the spot, and to use a Disabler that, um, disables a hazard for one turn. The Disabler is also used to immediately open doors, rather than waiting a turn in front of them as you have to otherwise.

With these simple controls, you move a turn at a time up through the gauntlet. It's easy at first, as you only have to time dodges past spiked floors and spinning buzzsaws.

But other devices and hazards are added that complicate matters. You really have to plan ahead and use everything you have to hand.

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Speaking of which, once you steal a Master Crown, which involves completing a few levels, you get a chance to choose an extra ability.

It's similar to how in Hoplite you can pray at altars to get an extra ability. Anyway, these abilities mix up the play quite a bit. What you choose and how you use it often determines how long you survive.

The main disappointing factor of Cosmic Crown is that it lacks sound entirely. Some satisfying steps, and the sounds of spikes doors opening would really up the tension.

It's partly this, along with slightly less replayability that brings Cosmic Crown beneath Hoplite. But that's a big mark to hit anyway.

That aside, it's worth a look if you're into turn-based challenges and accessible roguelikes take an idea and do it well.

You can purchase Cosmic Crown for £1.49 / $1.99 on the App Store right now.