Bart Bonte has released his playful action-puzzler Sweet Drmzzz on iOS and Android today.

I had a look at the game a couple of weeks ago, and came away saying that it's like a slightly more friendly take on the Warioware style of game.

It starts with you going to sleep, and then a mini version of you sneaking out of your ear, hopping onto an alarm clock, and riding it to space.

The levels take place in outer space, but upon completing each one, you'll stir in your sleep, bringing out of dreamland momentary. It provides a break between the challenges.

The main attraction of the game is not knowing what kind of level will be thrown at you next.

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There's a mix of arcade games, including a take on classic Snake, Bonte's sugar, sugar, and a colour-matching space worm level. Plus more I haven't discovered yet.

If a joyful trip to space with a variety of levels sounds like a good time to you, Sweet Drmzzz should satisfy.

You can purchase it for 69p / 99c on the App Store [buy] and Google Play [buy] right now.