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Madfinger is mostly known for violent, brainless games like Dead Trigger, but today it proves it can do much more with the release of Monzo on iOS.

Monzo is a model kit construction simulator. You're able to build little planes, cars, ballistas, guns, sawmills, motorbikes - loads of different model kits in acute detail.

There needs to be an emphasis placed on simulator, too. You don't just tap a few things to construct your mechanical creations, and voila! - it's done.

No, Monzo gives you a virtual step-by-step book to follow, and all the pieces you assemble need to be picked out of a plush case.


Madfinger really wants to give you a tangible experience here. You tap to get the bits out of the box and then drag them into position.

Once you're finished, you can paint your model, tap to get its working bits animated, and have a look inside at how it all works in motion.

Plus, you can take photos of your work with a number of different filters. So, Instagram lovers out there, you'll surely relish that opportunity.

Check out our hands-on preview in the video above, and the written version here.

You can download Monzo for free on the App Store right now. It'll also be coming to Android soon.