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Perhaps the greatest achievement of Skyfish Studios's A Mechanical Story is how it gives the steel-hard frigidness of cog-operated mechanisms a colourful warmth.

I'm really, really not the kind of person who enjoys having their head stuck inside a car engine all day. And working through A Mechanical Story's 48 levels is akin to that experience.

Despite that, I'm attracted to the game, mostly due to the florid presentation: there are no greys here, it's all deep reds, watery greens, and fiery golds.

This is game about affixing cogs to pistons, getting greasy to fix up Mr. Mechanic's newly-found robot friend. It's almost cute - in fact, it might be.

You can check it out for yourself by purchasing it for 69p / 99c on the App Store right now.

That's a limited-time discounted price, by the way, so get it while it's cheap.