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It seems like the original Briquid for iPad passed us by at Pocket Gamer. But we won't miss the iPhone-friendly spin-off Briquid Mini, which is coming to the App Store this evening.

The game is all about re-routing pools of water to fill up yellow drop-off zones.

Your options include breaking bricks, placing bricks, and tilting your phone to change gravity - but you only have a limited number of moves to finish the stage.

It's a simple set-up, but the puzzles can get devilishly difficult. And while the water physics aren't anywhere as impressive as those in Where's My Water or LiquidSketch, the suds flow as you'd expect.

Briquid Mini

The game's got 100-odd levels - some from the old Briquid and some designed specifically for this remake. And all that will cost you 69p / 99c when Briquid Mini launches for iPhone and iPad at midnight tonight. There's also a demo.