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Do you remember Bitcoins? The hip cryptocurrency that was all over the news for a week or two? FizzPow and Noodlecake sure do, and have made a slightly belated game about mining them.

Bitcoin Billionaire is a new take on fleeting App Store phenomenon Make it Rain, but you're tapping on a computer instead of peeling off bank notes

So, you earn bitcoins by tapping but you also unlock items that continually add bitcoins in the background. You can upgrade your computer to mine faster and there are boosts and power-ups that cost money, or can be earned by watching ads.

The idea is to enough enough bitcoins to turn your grotty pixelated flat into a geek's dream bachelor pad, complete with arcade machines and Roombas and fancy computers.

Bitcoin Billionaire

I thought it might be satire, but it doesn't have all that much to say about the mind-numbing pointlessness of these stuff-accumulation games. You have to come to the realisation yourself, when the an existential fear that you're wasting your life washes over you like a tidal wave of dread.

Video games! Bitcoin Billionaire is free, and will appear on your App Store shelves whenever it's midnight in your territory. It's coming to Android too, this month or next.

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