Enough of all these zombies eating our brains. I say we eat the zombies right back!

And that's exactly what you'll be doing in Zombie Catchers. Or at least you'll be hunting the little shamblers down and extracting their delicious juices in order to serve them up to a thirsty public.

On the hunt

You play the part of an aspiring smoothie tycoon (and alien) as he attempts to eke out a living by juicing zombies he catches in the wild. You'll be relying on drones to locate a sizable group, then go on location to toss out brain bait and lure them out.

Once the zombies are in the open you get to chase them down and skewer them with a harpoon with a balloon attached to the end. When they're airborne your robot compatriot will swoop in and grab them, and you're free to keep hunting.

After you get your catch home it's a matter of tossing them into their appropriate Squeezers and letting the machines do all the work. They'll make the drinks while you sell them hand-over-fist to a seemingly endless line of customers.

Best not to think about it

There are a lot of little nuances to Zombie Catchers, too. Different zombies have different behaviors, like the Slushie Zombies leaping out of the way when they first spot you, or the Jelly Zombies tossing garbage at you to slow you down.

You also have several different gadgets to choose from (tranquilizers, nets, jetpacks, etc) in addition to your basic harpoon. You can eventually create new goodies to sell by mixing different zombie types, provided you have the right machinery.

Free to play gates do eventually make an appearance, but they're pretty manageable. You can speed up the time it takes for drones to find targets by buying more (or watching videos), and Plutonium (premium currency needed to speed things up) isn't too hard to come by.

As weird as Zombie Catchers is, I find myself liking it a lot. It's incredibly charming and accessible, but hunting all the different zombies can make for a worthwhile challenge as well. Just like the game's icky-looking treats, you shouldn't knock it until you've tried it.