We took a look at Guns 'n' Glory Heroes from German developer HandyGames back in January, when it nabbed a very worthy Bronze Award for its fantasy-based tower defence antics.

But HandyGames has been back in touch to tell us about its new miniaturised edition, which just went live over on Google Play. The studio, which is well known as an early adopter of new platforms and tech, has shoehorned Guns 'n' Glory Heroes into Android Wear devices and added a unique fitness angle to the gameplay.

Run for your life

This tower defence spin-off sees you working to repel hordes of evil orcs, elves and warriors using your smartwatch's touchscreen. The controls are simplified to take into account the small screen, but power-ups give it a lot more depth as you deploy magic spells to keep your elf mage fighting for longer.

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Run out of energy, however, and it's time to get out of your seat to keep the action going. Guns 'n' Glory Heroes - Wear makes use of your smartwatch's built-in step counter, and replenishes your character's life if you go for a walk or, better yet, a run.

We've been waiting for wearable tech games to come along for a while now, though it's always been unclear just how these devices might be put to frivolous, gaming use. Obviously not all games can make use of this step-counter integration, but HandyGames has certainly uncovered one unique way to employ wrist mounted tech as an active gameplay mechanic.

Guns 'n' Glory Heroes - Wear is compatible with Moto 360, LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live and Sony SmartWatch 3 Android Wear watches, and is out now over on Google Play.

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