Card Crawl is the next game from Tiny Touch Tales coming to iOS. And, like Zuki's Quest and One Tap RPG, it compacts a whole genre into a neat little game.

This time the target is dungeon crawling. Rather than travelling through the dark corridors of a dungeon, as is usually the case, it's all played out on a modified set of cards.

You sit at a table facing an odd but presumably friendly monster who deals the cards that determine what monsters you face, and equipment you find in the dungeon.

You'll be looking to keep your health up and to manage your inventory, all of which is done through cards.

At the start of each playthrough you get to choose five special ability cards that you can play in the game to overcome certain circumstances. The rest of it is luck and careful decisions.

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However, you do also collect gold as you crawl through the dungeon, which can be used to unlock more special ability cards.

It's a neat idea that seems apt for playing on mobile. So it's probably worth keeping an eye on Card Crawl on its website. It should be out soon-ish.

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