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TouchFish is a weird instruction. Oh, sorry, it's the title of a new virtual pet game. Right. I knew that. Ahem.

Yes, TouchFish, a game in which you, er, touch... fish. OK, it's a little more than that: you're nurturing fish, building out their tank, and playing mini-games with them.

It's a game for the Finding Nemo generation, as in, every kid who had an obsession with fish when the film came out back in 2003, begging their parents for their own.

And what happened when you got them? They died, didn't they? You didn't look after them, you cruel human.

Well, consider TouchFish your opportunity to make it up to fish without putting any more of them in danger of, well, relying on you for food and cleanliness.

So, go ahead, download TouchFish for free on the App Store. Teach them tricks, show your friends, but most importantly, look after them.