Have you ever wanted to deck a puppet in the face?

Whatever the reason for your uncontrollable hatred of puppets, Puppet Punch seems to have what you're looking for.

A freemium game, Puppet Punch has been soft-launched on iOS in New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Indonesia, and India. Get it here if you can.

The developers at Mech Mocha Game Studios also have a Touch Arcade thread going if you'd like to track updates.

Based on the trailer below, Puppet Punch resembles an arena shooter.

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You play as Pablo, who - unimpressed by the samey selection of arcade games - wanders up through a trapdoor to find the eponymous Puppet Punch.

From there, you'll be terrorized overhead by a variety of different puppets, from creepy marionettes to Chinese dragon dance puppets.
The whole situation actually sounds rather dangerous.

I also hmmed very loudly at the "Oriental Clan" sign in the game, which is a little offensive and outdated on my side of the world.

Pablo doesn't seem phased by any of this, though, and seems to have fun blasting away at the myriad of puppets that come his way. Maybe you will too!

If you're in any of the aforementioned regions and have an iOS device, grab Puppet Punch on the App Store now.