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Zombie Catchers is a bouncy new iOS game, about snagging the undead with a big ol' harpoon gun.

You play as a weird green alien who's started a business turning zombies into smoothies. So, you've got to lure the undead out with chunky pink brains and then hit them with your harpoon.

You'll eventually face more tricky enemies, and get to use more toys including a jet pack, a net gun, tranquillisers, and traps. The actual action bit is fun and frantic, and works surprisingly well on touch.

Zombie Catchers

Sadly, the game has a weird free to play backbone, and is stuffed with awkward in-app purchases and wait timers that detract from the loopy joy of yanking walkers with your dart gun.

Zombie Catchers - which we first spotted at a Very Big Indie Pitch event in Helsinki - is available to download now, for free.