Bitcoin Billionaire is an upcoming idle tapping game for mobile. That means it plays a lot like the enormously popular Cookie Clicker.

Instead of clicking for cookies, you tap your screen to earn bitcoins, which you can then spend on material possessions.

You'll start off with a rickety office, and be able to upgrade to the latest technological entertainment, cat adoption, and priceless works of art to hang on your wall.

You're able to customise your character to your liking with your bitcoins as well. There isn't anything that can't be solved with enough bitcoins, it seems.

You can, and should, also spend your bitcoins on investments that'll earn you bitcoins without having to tap the screen.

With those, you can leave the game running while you doing something else, and come back to a fortune for you to spend.

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Bitcoin Billionaire is the next game from developer FizzPow Games, and it will be published by Noodlecake Studios.

It should be out on iOS very soon. Hopefully there will be an Android version as well, but we don't know if that's the case at this point.

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