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New on Kickstarter is a game called Target Acquired, which sees developer TouchTen Games trying to hit as many of the internet's collective interests as possible.

It has a Japanese cat policewoman as a main character, for example, which should send a cat-loving otaku wild (and there are surely many of those on the internet).

TouchTen also points to the fact that the team creating Target Acquired include the former CEO of Square Enix Indonesia (who's actually only a design consultant), and Mega Man music composer Manami Matsumae.

None of this matters if the game doesn't seem to be any good, mind. And, as with most Kickstarter projects, it's hard to tell how it will all add up.
Kitty capers

What is certain is that Target Acquired is a sidescrolling action platformer and endless runner. You control Yura Anders (the police cat girl) to stop Cammy (the robot mouse villain) from world domination.

As the chase begins, you're able to dash, jump, and shoot a plasma rifle to avoid enemies, or blast them - whichever is necessary.

You'll also get to drive a hover vehicle right from the future, and upgrade Anders with new suits, and better weapons.

There are also boss fights which are, oddly enough, played like a third-person shooter. You're given 3D space to wander around, and cover to hide behind while shooting at the large robot baddies.

Go have a look at Target Acquired's Kickstarter page if it seems interesting to you. If it takes your fancy, you can get a copy of the game on an unspecified platform for $10.

It seems that the game is coming to PC, as well as iOS and Android, so the early access also offered at that $10 tier seems to apply only to the PC version.