Arty dodge-racer Proun+ for iOS and 3DS finally has a trailer for us to watch. It also reveals that the game will be available this autumn, which means it should be here in the next month or so.

We first caught word of Proun coming to iOS and 3DS a year ago. Nothing has been heard since. So this trailer came as quite a pleasant surprise.

What the trailer shows us is that the game looks about as good on the smaller screen as it did on PC. That's to be expected considering it's art style is inspired by modern art, and therefore deliberately stripped back and reserved.

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Of course, as with the original game, Proun+ will have us racing a ball along a tubular track, spinning around it to dodge various large obstacles.

There are virtual buttons that let you brake and boost when required, but you'll want to avoid braking if you want to come in first.

Proun+ has five speed settings - from Relaxed to Speed of Light - 11 tracks to beat, and four different game modes. That's a little bit more than the original game, hence the "+" in the game's title.

We'll let you know when Proun+ is available to purchase and at what price as soon as we find out.