Every Friday, Pocket Gamer offers hands-on impressions of the week's three best new Android games.

Deep Loot
By Monster and Monster - download on Android (Free)

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We probably talk too much about the Big Indie Pitch - a regular event where indie devs show apps to the press in short sessions, speed dating style - but we discovered two of the games on this list at BIPs. So shush.

This one is an underwater roguelike about carefully managing resources to find treasure beneath the waves. It's a bit rubbish to start with, but if you grind a little or buy an IAP, it turns into something quite special.

"At this point, it becomes clear what a great game it is," said reviewer man Craig. "As jolly chip-tunes play in the background you'll chance upon sunken vessels and amusing Easter Eggs that nod to cult TV shows and movies."

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances
By Fishlabs - download on Android (Free)

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The Galaxy on Fire games have been a poster-child for big, premium, console-like experiences. So when the franchise morphed into a free to play strategy management MMO, we were - it's fair to say - a little wary.

But Peter really dug it, and praised the game's "high quality presentation, intriguingly deep alliance system, and plenty of options for tactical play".

The real key is found in the name, and the game sparks into life when you join an alliance and start taking on missions with other players. Luckily, this new Android edition works cross-platform with iOS so you'll have plenty of players to work with.

Pako - Car Chase Simulator
By Tree Men Games - download on Android (Free)

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You're on the run from the cops. Which wouldn't be so much of a problem if your brakes hadn't been cut, meaning you've got to swerve away from danger while your car is going full tilt.

It's a game where success can be measured in seconds. Minutes, if you're amazingly good. But as soon as your chunky low-poly car smashes into s billboard you'll be ready for round two (or three or ten).

At review, we mumbled "A short, sharp, angry blast of arcade racing, Pako is challenging enough to keep you coming back time and time again".