Stylish fast-paced dodge-racer Race the Sun is coming out on Vita next week with a new unlockable world.

The irony is that developer Flippfly said the game would be coming out under the heat of the summer sun back in March. But it missed it, essentially failing in an actual race against the sun.

Ah well, the game is almost here now, so hopefully it'll warm our cold, near-winter tootsies.

It's due to arrive on Tuesday, 21st October in the US. Europe gets it a day later on Wednesday, 22nd October.


The good news on top of the good news is that Flippfly has been working to get Race the Sun running smoothly on PlayStation platforms.

That's essential for such a high speed game. If you didn't know, the game has you playing a solar-powered hover ship.

You try to get as far as you can across an obstacle-filled landscape before the sun sets. As you play, you unlock power-ups that help you get further and further.

Race the Sun will also be cross-buy and have cross-save across Vita, PS3, and PS4. All three PlayStation platforms will share leaderboards, too.

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As to that new unlockable world, it's called Labrinthia. It's a slower paced world that gives you more of an overhead view while steering your solar-powered craft.

As the name suggests, Labrinthia also has maze-like level design that can get very tight, requiring you to plan ahead and handle steering with care.

Labrinthia also differs from the rest of the main game as it has an end, and can therefore be beaten.

It still gets recycled every 24 hours, but you can take a day to learn its tricks and traps to beat it.
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