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The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles is a free to play mix of genres from Ubisoft. It’s out on the App Store right now, and if you like robots or collecting stars then it might be worth a look.

The game sees you leading a squad of robots across a series of levels. There are unfriendly androids to tackle, gold stars to collect, and power cores to snaffle.

It’s all presented in a reasonably shiny cartoon manner. The robot designs are chunky and simple, and the levels are interesting enough once you get past the slightly flat opening.

There’s the obligatory energy system and plenty of other currencies to baffle your way through as well, so if you’re against that sort of thing then it’s probably worth giving The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles a miss.

But if you’re not averse to the wait or pay mechanic, you can grab the game from the App Store right now. It’s not exactly fresh but there are some neat ideas wrapped in that should keep you interested.