Soulfill picked up the Interaction Award at IndieCade 2014 last night. The jury picked it out as the winner for "forcing us to interact in ways we normally wouldn't."

What form of interaction are we talking about here? Staring at strangers on public transport or while you're waiting around.

Soulfill is an audio-only game as you only have to follow the instructions of a narrator in your ears to play.

You play the game by initiating and maintaining eye contact with complete strangers - this scores you points.

However, you lose points if you make eye contact with somebody already looking at you.

The whole point of the game, as described by developer Little Wins, is to challenge us to push past the awkwardness of making eye contact with strangers in public.

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"Inevitably the game uncovers the fact that these fears are self-imposed, and that those around us in this same threatening setting have the same fears," writes Little Wins.

If you want to give it a go, you can download Soulfill for free on the App Store right now.