The original Monster Hunter 4, released in Japan last year, included Palicoes in Mario and Luigi costumes mucking about with hammers.

Since then, many more crossovers have been announced for the souped-up international version, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Let's have a look at the rest...

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The latest collaboration revelation comes in the shape of gear from the much-loved Metroid series. That's right - you be able to play as Samus Aran, both in her full Varia Suit and as "Zero Suit" Samus.

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Earlier this year we also discovered that Link's garbs and gear would make an appearance in the above trailer. As The Legend of Zelda fans might expect, the familiar green tunic, Hylian Shield and Master Sword are all accounted for.

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If you're a Nintendo nerd and Felyne fanatic, you may have heard that you'll be able to reskin your loveable NPC companions as Animal Crossing's ever-friendly Isabelle and nightmare fuel incarnate Mr. Resetti. They even speak in Animalese!

SEGA fans won't be left out, as you will also be able to equip your Palicoes with a Sonic the Hedgehog skin and the Caliburn sword from Wii game Sonic and the Black Knight.

Bandai-Namco also has their Taiko Drum Master character, Don, in the game as a Hunting Horn weapon. Odd, but always nice to see an obscure crossover making it westward.

There's a fair chance of more collaborations in store. Who would you like to see entering the fray? Tell us below in the comments!