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MMM Fingers is a twitchy dodger that's all about making sure toothy beasts don't make a snack out of your digits. It's set to hit the App Store towards the end of the month.

The game comes from the team behind Bronze Award-winning fish-swimmer Small Fry. You need to put a finger on the screen, then weave if through a twisting maze of fanged beasts. Touch one and you get snaffled.

It won't cost anything to download MMM Fingers when it lands, but it will be ad-supported. Unlike Small Fry you won't be able to watch videos to extend your run after you've died, in order to keep the leaderboards pure. Can't go wrong with pure leaderboards.

We've yet to get our fingers on MMM Fingers, but it certainly looks like an interesting idea, well implemented. We'll let you know when we find out for certain when it's coming out as well.

In the meantime, why not check out the trailer back at the top of the article to get an idea of what the game's all about.