Splot is a reasonably interesting mix of cute cartoon graphics and one-touch platforming gameplay. It's slick, shiny, and will be hitting the App Store on October 23rd.

The game sees you controlling the titular Splot, bouncing through a series of increasingly difficult levels to save baby birds from the clutches of dark, blobby monsters. As you do.

There's a distinct blending of the sensibilities of mobile gaming and something a little more old school here. The levels are bite-sized, but there's a spinny determination you don't usually find in more standard iOS fare.

You're still trying to navigate through the usual platforming obstacles, mind. There are pits, spikes, enemies you need to leap into to kill, and lasers that incinerate you.

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With seven different worlds to explore, 56 individual levels, and three difficulty settings, there's a good wodge of content here as well.

You can unlock different Splots to play us as you play, and there's a levelling system and a bunch of power-ups to play with as well.

Splot is set to hit the App Store in just over three weeks. When it does it'll set you back £2.49 / $3.99.

You can check a hands-on we had on with the game earlier in the year in the video four paragraphs back that way.

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