Stigol and Chillingo are releasing iOS puzzler Find The Line on October 9th (this Thursday).

It's a unique puzzle game with a central mechanic I haven't seen before. And it's that fact, combined with the game's focus on lines that evokes similarities to exquisite puzzler Blek.

That said, Find The Line isn't as elegant as Blek is. As the title instructs, you have to find the right lines to make a specific image across over 200 levels.

You do this by tapping a line on the screen, and then using a slider on the bottom of the screen to move that line along a number of possible positions.

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Once you think you've found the place that line is supposed to go, you then choose another line and repeat the process. The video above demonstrates this better than words can.

As you can see, there are also stars and keys hidden in the lines for you to find, upping the challenge.

The levels in Find The Line are grouped under different themes. When you've completed a theme you get to watch an animated video that illustrates the story your images create.

As the game is also free to play with IAPs on offer, I'm guessing that you can purchase more themes and therefore levels.

We'll know for certain when Find The Line comes out for iOS this Thursday.