Updated on October 3rd, at 12:19: Fancy this game on iOS? Zach says "I'd love to bring it to the iPad, but there's a lot of stuff standing in the way of getting that working.

"If the Android version does well, though, it might be worth pursuing."

Ironclad Tactics, the formerly Steam-exclusive Civil War card battler, is available now on Google Play.

By SpaceChem developer Zachtronics, Ironclad Tactics reimagines an alternate history Civil War, complete with a steampunky arsenal of military robots.

In between card battles, Ironclad Tactics tells the story of engineers Maxwell Prosser and Joseph Ashdown, in an interactive graphic novel style.

The game also features co-op story and competitive multiplayer modes, so you can play with or against your friends.

Download Ironclad Tactics for free on Google Play.

According to the developer, the mobile port was designed with tablets in mind, and may be too detailed to enjoy on a smaller phone screen.