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Inferno 2 is the latest twin-stick neon shooter from Radiangames, and it's out right now on the App Store.

It's a shard-edged retro tinged blaster that's just as polished as the rest of the dev's output. You fly around boxed-in levels, using lasers and rockets to shoot anything that moves.

There are massive glittering explosions, hordes of brightly coloured foes, and plenty of different weapons to unlock. And it's fun too. Lovely shooty fun.

The game will set you back £1.99 / $2.99, and for that you get more than 80 levels, three different difficulty levels, and over 50 different enemy types to shoot. Sounds pretty good to us.

Check out the hands-on video at the top of the page to get some quick impressions, and keep an eye on Pocket Gamer over the next few days for a full review.

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