Castle Pixel's retro-style sci-fi action platformer Rex Rocket will be making the leap from PC to iPad in the near future.

It was revealed on the Touch Arcade forums where Castle Pixel said that it has "begun beta testing [its] last game, Rex Rocket for ipads".

Rex Rocket was released on Steam for PC earlier this year after a successful Kickstarter.

You play as Captain Rexford or Rexanna as they attempt to save the crew of a spaceship after its dangerous cargo gets loose.

It's a classic-style action platformer with wall-jumping and laser guns, all illustrated in bright pixel art.

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You'll be taking on the Terra-Oozlings as well as the ship's AI as you solve puzzles and platform your way through the ship.

Consider it a bit like a friendlier and 2D System Shock 2, perhaps. Although, Super Mario, Metroid, and Mega Man are listed as the inspiration.

Castle Pixel is working on the iPad version of Rex Rocket while also looking for funding on Kickstarter for its next retro-style game, Blossom Tales.

It's more akin to The Legend of Zelda and will, hopefully, be coming to handheld and smartphone after its PC release. It depends on the funding it gets, I guess.

Check out more information about Rex Rocket on its website.