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Lucasfilm and DeNA have joined forces (see what we did there?) to reveal a brand new Star Wars title for Android and iOS, Star Wars: Galactic Defense.

Judging by the visual style, the game ties in with the forthcoming animated TV show Star Wars Rebels, which takes place five years before the droids crash landed on Tatooine in the original movie. That said, Luke can be seen in the promotional artwork, so that connection is kind of a loose one.

You worry about those fighters, I'll worry about those towers

Star Wars: Galactic Defense takes the saga into tower defence territory, allowing you to join the Rebel Alliance (we don't like this new trend for calling them the 'Light Side.' Makes them sound like Weight Watchers mayonnaise) or throw your lot in with the Dark Side.

Alongside deploying Rebel soldiers and Stormtroopers, iconic characters from across the six existing films will be at your disposal as you attempt to repel attacks by the other side.

A developer diary from DeNA's Mobage team offers a quick inside glance at AT-ATs and the Millennium Falcon both working their way through the crowds of battling forces, which, we can't help but admit, made us feel inappropriately excited in our pants.

There's no indication of a release date for Star Wars: Galactic Defense on either iOS or Android yet, but you can register for updates over on the official site. Doing so adds points to a collective progress bar, which promises to add bonus elements to the game upon launch, the higher it gets. Nice.

Live long and prosper!

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