Square Rave looks to be the next twitchy rhythm-action game set to sink its musical fangs into me. That's a good thing, by the way.

It's the work of Brighton-based sound designer and musician Adam Hay, who has worked at Traveller's Tales, Rare, and is currently with The Chinese Room.

Square Rave is a side project, then, but that hasn't stopped it grabbing my attention.

Using just your finger, the idea is to move into one of the blue squares of a grid every time a new bar of music passes. The bar is represented by a vertical line moving across the screen.

You can get a multiplier going by moving through more than just one of the blue squares before the bar ends. However, if you're not in a "safe" blue square when that bar has ended, you've failed. Game over.

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While it will start off very easy, the tempo of each song in Square Rave speeds up the longer you survive. I definitely heard snare rushes in there somewhere - be warned.

Add to that impassable squares that you need to around and you've got a tricky game to conquer.

It's all upbeat electronic music, though, so it should transfer some of its energy to you. In fact, you check out the soundtrack on Bandcamp.

As with Super Hexagon, then, Square Rave is a game of reflexes with a rhythm. It adds to that a system that rewards taking risks and pulling off swift moves.

Square Rave will be coming to iOS on October 20th for £1.99 / $2.99. Check out its website for more information.