Konami and tri-Ace have partnered up to create Chronos Ring. It's a new RPG for iOS and Android expected to release in Japan this autumn.

We don't know much about it a this point other than that it will feature vertical 3D battles.

NeoGAF user going by the name "Baust" has also translated a line from the game's website. "Rebel against your fate as you manipulate time on the battlefield," it apparently says.

The teaser trailer for the game shows a little bit of footage from the game. It's played in portrait and seems to offer a number of characters with different skills to fight large beasts with.

Whether the game is turn-based or played in real-time isn't clear.

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Developer tri-Ace is known for the Star Ocean series, the Valkyrie Profile games and, more recently, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns.

If we hear more information about Chronos Ring, including a western release, we'll let you know.