Scottish studio Kobojo has announced Zodiac today, which is a very pretty 2D persistent online RPG for mobile and Vita. I got quite excited that you can ride what seems to be a griffin.

Zodiac's story and setting seems to be quite typical fantasy RPG stuff. You pursue an ancient prophecy and try to uncover your destiny by unlocking the power of the 12 zodiac signs.

It also has turn-based strategic fighting and, it appears, the usual levelling up, looting, and other RPG fare.

Where it stands out is in the art department. Have a look at the screenshots in the top right of this article (give the box a click), and watch the trailer below.

Rarely do games look as pretty as their concept art but, like Dragon's Crown, Zodiac is made up of colorful 2D animated art.

Speaking of Dragon's Crown, the audio and sound effects in Zodiac is being created by Basiscape. The company did the same for Dragon’s Crown, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, and Valkyria Chronicles.

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That also means that Basiscape founder, Hitoshi Sakimoto, is composing for the game, too.

Sakimoto is working alongside previous colleague and Final Fantasy scenario writer Kazushige Nojima on Zodiac, too. The pair have previously worked on a bunch of Final Fantasy games (VII, X, X-2, Tactics, XII, and XV) as well as the Kingdom Hearts series.

As mentioned, Zodiac will have a persistent online world, and will feature cross-platform play. The details of this hasn't been revealed yet, but online co-op seems like a given.

Platforms haven't been announced for Zodiac yet, either. However, it is being shown off on iOS and Vita at the Tokyo Game Show right now, at least.

The game is due to come out in 2015. You can check out Zodiac's website for more information.