Tokyo Game Show has kicked off to a great start with a strong mobile and handheld presence.

I won't lie - I did spend much of the day ogling goods from each developer's official TGS shop. Who needs money for food anyway, right?

Monster Hunters from around the world gathered on one side of the Capcom booth to get to grips with the latest incarnation of the popular series, Monster Hunter 4G.

The real surprise though was that the game was playable on the spangly New 3DS XL unit, complete with its new shoulder buttons and mini nub stick.

Square-Enix's triple threat of Bravely Second, Final Fantasy Explorers, and Chaos Rings III were all playable, showing the JRPG masters still have some magic hidden up their sleeves.

Over the next few days we'll delve into the indie presence on the show floor - much more noticeable than during previous Tokyo Game Shows.

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We'll be back with previews and hands-on videos with the New 3DS XL, the titles mentioned above, and even more tomorrow. Stay tuned!