Disney has flicked its magic wand to release Star Wars: Commander on Android.

If you don't know what this game is then allow me to fill that hole with one short sentence: Clash of Clans with a Star Wars re-skin.

No kidding. We called it a "cumbersome" and "tired" take on a tired genre in our iOS review. "You probably don't need Star Wars: Commander in your life," was our conclusion.

Well, that didn't stop you all downloading it and, more than likely, playing the hell out of it on iOS.

As there are a lot of Star Wars fans, and Clash of Clans and its knock-offs are stupendously popular, we thought to just quickly let you know about this Android release.

So, here you go: Star Wars: Commander is now available on Android via Google Play.

There are much better games out there, but hey, what is fandom for if not sticking with something through adversity?

Android Police

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