Lucky Frame has released its Gold Award-winning roguelike The Nightmare Cooperative for Android.

If you want a silly comparison, The Nightmare Cooperative is like 868-HACK had a baby with Threes!. I told you it was silly.

You take a party of folks through several layers of dungeon to collect as much gold as possible before they perish. It's a tough game so, more than likely, they ARE going to die.

What makes it so tough is having movement for all your party members tied together. In other words, when you go to move one adventurer you move them all.

That means you have to try to take into account enemy positions and deadly liquid pools simultaneously.

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We applauded The Nightmare Cooperative as an "excellent, sleek, mobile-friendly roguelike smashed into a slide-based puzzler".

We also said that it has "a smattering of clever gameplay mechanics, all beautifully polished". Yep, it comes highly recommended by us.

So, if you're interested, you can purchase The Nightmare Cooperative for £2.49 / $3.99 on Google Play right now.

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