iOS 8

In iOS 7 you could share websites and pictures with services like Twitter, Facebook, and Vimeo. But that was because Apple baked support for those social networks and sites into iOS itself.

With iOS 8, developers are allowed to hijack the sharing menu and create fancy new share sheets for their own sites and networks. So you'll be able to share to Pinterest, Tumblr, and more.

Want to know how these new extensions work? Check out this guide where we walk you through the basics.

First things first, we need to download an app that supports share extensions from the App Store.

As of writing this article, there's no easy way to know which apps offer this cool feature so you'll have to read the description and update text to find out.

For the purposes of this how-to we're going to use Pinterest. Download Pinterest for free, open the app, create an account, and then quit the app.

Open Safari.

Okay, a quick interlude here. As confusing as it may sound, different apps are going to be able to share from different apps. Pinterest can only share from Safari, at the moment, but others will let you share from Photos, Notes, and third party apps.

As these things are still new it's going to be a bit of a learning process for both users and developers. Just test stuff out and see what works for your favourite apps.

For now, open Safari, find a page with a good picture, and hit the share button (an arrow coming out of a square) on the bottom menu to see the screen above. Scroll to the right of the row that features 'Message' and 'Mail' and bit 'More'.

Here you'll see a list of apps that support sharing, as well as built-in services like Facebook and Mail. Use the green slider to check Pinterest. You can also use the handles on the right to reorder your share buttons.

Now Pinterest is right there on the share list. So just tap the icon to open the share sheet.

Up pops a handy share sheet. This one lets you pick the exact picture you want to Pin, and which board to add it to. Each app will have its own sheet with custom buttons, colours, and features.

To remove a share sheet either edit your activities list again like we showed in this article or delete the app altogether.

Let us know which share sheets you're using, or which apps you want to see updated with this functionality, in the comments below.