Tequila Games has told us that its collectible card game Earthcore: Shattered Elements will be coming to iOS in early 2015.

You may remember Earthcore as the game we went hands-on with at Gamescom last month.

It's most interesting feature is probably the "Card Crafting" system, which lets you fuse cards together to create new ones. There are over 500,000 possibilities, apparently.

In short, Earthcore plays a little like "Rock, Paper, Scissors" but uses Elements, instead: Fire, Water, and Nature.

Each card also has a "risk factor" tied to it, too. This replaces more familiar mechanics to card battlers such as armour, hit points and mana.

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"The more special skills a card possesses, the higher its risk value and the higher the loss caused to the player if they are defeated, meaning that players must now gamble which cards to use on each turn," Tequlia says, explaining how the risk factor works.

When it releases next year, Earthcore will have a story-drive single player campaign. It will also have a multiplayer mode, providing PvP duels, leagues, and championships.

Tequlia will be updating the game with monthly chapters after release, which will add to the single player, and supply new cards.

If you're after more information about Earthcore: Shattered Elements then head over to the game's website.