Dreamgate Studios has released its light-bending casual puzzler Light in the Dark for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone today.

I took a look at Light in the Dark just last week and, you know what, I'm really quite into it.

You could remark that, yes, it's just another casual puzzle game with cute characters. But this is the comfort food of mobile gaming and it's a ripe example of it.

Your goal in each mazelike level of Light in the Dark is to drag around the parent "totems" (those happy creatures) so that the coloured light they emit falls on their babies.

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As you progress, you find yourself having to bounce light beams off mirrors, blend two colours to make a new one, and evade mummies that chase you.

I went over more of the details of the game in my article last week, if you haven't read it yet.

If you have and want to give it a go yourself, then you can purchase Light in the Dark for £1.49 / $1.99 on the App Store [buy], Google Play [buy], and Windows Phone Store [buy].

Also note that the game does offer IAPs, too.