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This week, the headlines were dominated by Apple and it's pair of new blowers: the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

To get you up to scratch, check out this guide on everything you need to know about the phones. And if you're more of an Android fan, see how it stacks up against the Galaxy Alpha and HTC One M8.

Also, AppSpy argued against Apple's claim that the iPhone 6 is good for gaming, MOGA's got a new MFi controller that's designed with the iPhone 6 in mind, and we found out exactly how big the new phones are.

Apple Watch

Of course, there was more to the keynote than iPhone. Apple entered the world of wearables with the Apple Watch.

The keynote was mostly about health and fitness and sharing your heartbeat with a friend as if that wasn't the creepiest thing in the entire world. But, we could at least think of six games that could work on an Apple Watch.

And then, as if we were psychic, Six to Start announced that Zombies, Run! is actually coming to the watch.

We also found out that iOS 8 is coming next week, on September 18th and Apple brought Super Mega Corp on stage to show off mobile MOBA Vainglory. Sadly, it seems like a few of our keynote predictions were off. The only dinosaurs on stage were members of U2.

Goblin Sword

In the world of new games, this week gave us cheeky retro platformer Goblin Sword (iOS), Foursaken's new RPG Phantom Rift (iOS and Android), twitchy block-dodger Hyper Trip (iOS and Android), and wire-frame autorunner FOTONICA (iOS).

Not to mention Spider-Man Unlimited (iOS and Android), mathematical puzzler Twelve a Dozen (iPad), interesting time-travelling game Chronology (iOS), and retro role-player Dragon Quest I (iOS and Android)

We also went hands-on with Space Age, a retro-future space adventure from the guys behind The Incident and asked some developers why they take so long to make an Android version of their iOS game - if they even do so at all.

Terra Battle

In news, you need to know that cute FTL-alike Space Wrights looks promising, Google will now offer a refund for two hours after buying an Android app, and Final Fantasy maker Sakaguchi soft-launched his F2P role-player Terra Battle in Canada.

Plus, EA unveiled new free to play city builder SimCity BuildIt, and a bunch of secret Smash Bros characters got leaked by wily Japanese streamers.

Around Steel Media…

So, ok, the week was pretty much filled with hardware news - new phones, several new watches, etc, etc… BUT 148Apps also featured some great new, and lesser-known, apps, like Kapsula, The Nightmare Collective, Spider-Man Unlimited and more. See the reviews in all of their glory.