RGB Express is a cute upcoming iOS game about delivering colours across a city with delivery trucks.

It's played in two halves. The first has you drawing the route for each of your trucks. When doing this, you need to ensure they pick up the right colours along the way, and drive past the required buildings.

You also need to look out for switches to lower bridges on occasion. There are bound to be more variables in later puzzles to keep an eye out for, too.

Then, once your routes are drawn, you press play and the trucks go as you told them to. The chances of there being a collision depend on your skill as a route planner.

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While RGB Express isn't anything new for puzzle games (what is?), it's a title with plenty of pop. That counts for a lot, sometimes.

Put it this way, I wish my delivery driving job I had a few years ago was this joyful.

RGB Express will be released for iOS on September 25th. You can find more information on its website.