Did you know everyone in the UK is rubbish at maths? I know that I'm rubbish at maths, and I don't really speak to anyone else, so I'm happy to just roll with it.

That's where cZeus wants to come in. It's a slightly more complicated game of sudoku that sees you adding numbers to a grid. But there's a bunch of sums involved, and a ticking clock, and some questions about mythology for some reason.

According to the game's dev Dr Shoreh Blank "too many people consider good numeracy to be a talent rather than something that can be learnt. We’re trying to change that attitude and bring some fun into being confident with numbers."

It's not the best looking game in the world, but at least it's trumpeting a noble cause. People should be able to do numbers better. I had to use my fingers quite often, and I've only played the first few levels. That probably says more about me than the game, mind.

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It feels like the game could do with a multiplayer mode, so you can take on your friends and show them that you're quicker at using a calculator than they are. There is a sort of RPG-style progression system, but you don't have much say in the matter.

Still, the game has a pretty strong compulsion loop, and it might fit nicely into your commutes or those lonely trips to the bathroom on your many Saturday nights in.

cZeus is available right now on the App Store and it should be out on the Google Play Store soon. It's free to download but there are plenty of IAPs that let you disable ads, unlock new level packs, and buy more coins to play with.