The Bronze Award-winning Dead Trigger 2 has been download 27 million times. To celebrate, developer Madfinger Games has rolled out the "Summer Explorer" update.

This free update adds a new region for all players called Power-T10 with, apparently, tougher battles than anywhere else in the game.

Inside you'll find a unique hideout skin and new weapons including a Winchester 94 and the KSG shotgun.

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Daily missions are being added in this update, too. You can gain double earnings for completing them. You'll find new ones every day in each region.

There will also be daily challenges that are set by your mentors in the hideout. These also give you extra gold.

Madfinger has also made interacting with your friends in the game easier. You can find your friend's statistics and game progress now.

It's also easier to visit their hideouts and to communicate with them. Customisable filters and organisation options let you track them from an improved interface, too.

You can download Dead Trigger 2 on the App Store [download] and Google Play [download] for free.

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