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Heavy Metal Thunder is a dark and grim game book adaptation that's just landed on the App Store. If you like your sci-fi bleak and your human race almost wiped out, this could be the digital adventure you've been waiting for.

The game begins with you gasping for air in a spaceship. And it gets worse from there. Get a decision wrong and it's likely to be fatal, get it right and you'll probably jump out of the frying pan and into the laser fire.

Of course there's adventure and excitement as well as death. You need to save the rest of humanity from a hyper advanced alien race after all. The art is stunning, the words are great, and there are no digital dice if that's the sort of thing that puts you off.

Heavy Metal Thunder is out right now on the App Store and it'll set you back £1.99 / $2.99 to pick it up and give it a go. You can check out our hands-on video at the top of the article