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Card Dungeon is an intriguing looking mix of a roguelike, a boardgame, and a card game that's heading to iOS at the start of next month.

It's a turn-based dungeon crawler that gives you three cards at the start of your run. These cards let you attack or move, for example, but you can only use one of them each turn.

As you kill monsters and open chests, you'll find new cards. That means deciding whether to swap out one of your actions, or keeping your limited deck as it is. There are trait cards, skill cards, and item cards to find.

Interestingly death isn't necessarily the end of your loot. If you can get to the grave marker that drops when you pop your clogs during your next game, you'll be able to pick everything back up again.

Apparently it makes for a more open and accessible roguelike experience. The game certainly looks the part, and I'll be interested to get my fingers on a build to see how it all works in practice.

Card Dungeon is slated to hit the App Store on October 1st. We will, of course, keep you updated if we hear any different.