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Bronze Award-winning patient murdering sim Bio Inc. - Biomedical Plague has finally made its way to the App Store, so if you fancy infecting a digital human being with awful diseases, now is your chance.

The aim of the game is murder through the application of medical malpractice. You're given a patient and you need to exploit its weaknesses, giving it heart conditions, making it smoke, and trying to poison it with as many ailments and diseases as possible.

There are some pretty obvious comparisons to be drawn between Plague Inc., albeit Bio Inc. plays across a much smaller scale. The two games aren't in any way related, and the use of that Inc. suffix might be construed by some as a little sneaky.

At review we called the game "a gurgly, often unpleasant experience," adding that "Bio Inc. is surprisingly deep, and not-so-surprisingly grotesque."

And now you can grab all of that from the Google Play Store for nothing. And if you like what you see a single IAP of 69p / 99c will grab you the rest of the game.

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