Luca Redwood, creator of 10000000, has told us that he's releasing his cheekily (but appropriately) named game Smarter Than You on Septmeber 25th.

Redwood has been deliberately elusive when describing Smarter Than You previously. Which is why you may not know exactly what it is.

We had a look at it before and offered an explanation. But if you're short on time, just know that it's asynchronous Rock Paper Scissors with "psychological mind games and misdirection".

That's the gist of it, at least.

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Redwood has also gone a bit Peter Molyneux on us by saying that Smarter Than You has a monetisation scheme that "hasn't been done before."

Despite that, he seems to think that it'll "probably make $2.50 in total".

All of these mysteries that Redwood has been planting will hopefully be solved when Smarter Than You is released next month. It's one to look out for.

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