Urban residents know what it's like. you're walking along the sidewalk, minding your own business, when you spot another pedestrian headed straight at you.

Do you step to the side, or do you stay the course because there's a good chance the other person will move (and you were there first, dangit!)? Watch Out! presents us with a third option: leaping up and over.

I suppose I just called Watch Out! a pedestrian sidewalk collision simulator. Ah well, if the shoe fits.

Jump or die

Watch Out! is one of those quick, twitchy, arcade-style games that I don't think have an official name yet.

You know what I'm talking about - games that are meant to be played in extremely short seconds-long intervals that are all about chasing a high score. The kind of stuff that's become a lot more popular since Flappy Bird came onto the scene.

This time around you need to keep a red face and a blue face from smashing into each other by making one leap over the other. The problem is you have to pick the bigger of the two to do the leap, and that's random each time.

So if the blue face is bigger you have to tap the right side of the screen to make it leap, and if the red is bigger you need to tap the right.

Each successful avoidance counts as a point, and the longer you last the faster it gets.

Head-on-head collision

Unfortunately that's all there is to Watch Out! It never goes beyond making large disembodied heads jump over each other. There's nothing else to see here. Go on home, folks.

I suppose you could argue that similar games are just as simple, and to a point you'd be right, but the "tap left or tap right" gameplay in Watch Out! is a bit too minimal.

You aren't deftly dodging between obstacles or anything like that. You're just reacting.

Watch Out! is an okay time-waster, I suppose, but there are far more entertaining options available right now. Options that rely on both reflexes and skill, not just the former.