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Updated on August 26th, at 14:49: It looks like you'll be swooping through the skies as an obese man sooner than you thought. 8bit Doves just hit the New Zealand App Store, meaning it will be live worldwide tonight at midnight.

The game has three level packs - Sweet Dreams, Deep Sleep, and Nightmare - but never more than four colours. And it's got Game Center support for swapping scores.

8bit Doves is a wicked two-button arcade maze game from the dev behind Icebreaker that's set to hit the App Store this Thursday.

It's cut into short sharp retro bursts that see you leading a slumbering sprite through a series of tricky obstacles. There are doves to collect as well, if you're in to that sort of thing.

The controls send you floating and twisting through the air. It's not exactly a Flappy game, but it's only a couple of steps away from one.

They're good steps though, and there's a depth here that you don't usually find in the genre.

The game will set you back £1.99 / $2.99, there are no IAP, and a whole bunch of levels for you to swoop and crash your way through. We reckon that's a pretty decent deal.