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It's been another strange week in Pocket Gamer Towers. Mark is on holiday recovering from Gamescom, and Harry is on holiday recovering from Mark being at Gamescom, so it falls to me to emerge from my panic room and write the weekly post about the most interesting things to have happened lately in the world of mobile gaming.

This week the titans of the old world and the new have been duking it out for headline supremacy, media have been straddled, and Humble has launched another Mobile Bundle.

Let's start with that.

Humble has launched another Mobile Bundle

The Humble Sega Mobile Bundle allows you to buy Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I, ChuChu Rocket!, and Virtua Tennis Challenge for as much or as little as you want. If you pay more than the average amount you'll also get Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, Sonic 4 Episode II, and Crazy Taxi, plus some more games yet to be revealed.

Whatever money you spend will be divided up among Sega, Humble, and three charities: Child's Play, WaterAid, and UNICEF. All but one of the games included in the bundle got a Bronze Award or higher from Pocket Gamer, and one of them got an incredibly rare 10/10.

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Star Wars: Commander came out internationally

There was a Star Wars film called Attack of the Clones, which is ironic because Star Wars: Commander is a clone, borrowing as heavily from Supercell's Clash of Clans as The Phantom Menace did from the little-known volume entitled How to Destroy the Dreams of a Million Childhood Fans.

As you might imagine, you can play as either the rebels or the imperial army, and must manage resources in a strategic way while luxuriating in the general atmosphere of George Lucas's sullied universe.

Peter has completed the first part of his three part review. He says it's like Clash of Clans.

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Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen released a follow-up

Earlier this year I went on holiday and when I came back everybody was raving about a wafer-thin, super-tough game called Flappy Bird. Somehow, against all possible expectations, this casual time-waster became so much of a sensation that its developer, Dong Nguyen, felt compelled to remove it from the App Store.

Well now he's back with Swing Copters, a cutesy pixel-art casual game in which you have to ascend as far as you can while weaving through gaps in girders and avoiding swinging hammers. Sadly, it's a bit disappointing, lacking the purity and simplicity of Flappy Bird.

Dong Nguyen probably won't have to take this one down.

Peter Molyneux can take the bullying

And finally there's our excellent Gamescom interview with Peter Molyneux, during which a merciless, Paxman-like Mark Brown got Mr Molyneux to explain why it's okay to say 'free to play' all of a sudden, among other things.

The interview delves right into the thornbush of Molyneux's controversial decision to make Godus free to play despite both having criticised the payment model and crowdfunded the development of the game. Molyneux describes the vitriolic response he incurred.

But it also uncovers a highly interesting titbit of information: once Curiosity winner Bryan Henderson has been ousted as the ruler of Godus, whoever takes his place will be able to earn money from the game.

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