Bandai Namco has released fast-paced arcade game Pac-Man Friends for iOS and Android today.

It has you using tilt or touch controls to guide Pac-Man and at least one of his new friends around tricky mazes to reach the exit.

To open the exit up, you need to collect all of the pellets in the level. That can be a problem when the iconic ghosts are patrolling or there are they are behind locked doors, which require you to collect keys.

In traditional Pac-Man style, ghosts can be dealt with by collecting a Power Pellet and gobbling them up.

That's not always possible, though. In some levels, you'll need to utilise the unique abilities of Pac-Man's friends to collect all the pellets.

Invisible friends can pass behind ghosts without getting spotted, for example. Other friends can illuminate areas and some can even break through walls.

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To get all three stars in each level you usually need to reach the exit with a friend and collect all of the fruit. It's simple, but the there's plenty of challenge across the 95 levels on offer.

Despite having a price tag attached to the iOS version, Pac-Man Friends also has optional IAPs.

You can buy more cherries, which are used to revive Pac-Man should he get caught by a ghost. You can also buy the temporary ability to Slow Time.

You can purchase Pac-Man Friends for £2.99 / $4.99 on the App Store [buy] right now. The game is also available on Google Play [download] as a free download.