Dot Warrior Games must know that I wouldn't be able to resist Wan Nyan Slash. Cats and dogs dressed up as samurai is just too cute.

Mind you, I wouldn't want to mess with any of them. Wan Nyan Slash follows the titular pair as they slice their way through an endless stream of demons.

You draw lines out from your two samurai, which they then follow with their blades, slicing up anything in their way.

Challenge is added with moving targets, hitting combos, and drawing special shapes for extra power.

Your mission is save ancient Japan from these demons, which include ninjas, kabuki, and eggplants. Demons come in all sorts of silly shapes and sizes, apparently.

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So do samurai, apparently. As you hack your way across Japan, you'll unlock new costumes for Wan and Nyan, as well as extra abilities. I swear that I saw Wan dressed up as a nurse...a samurai cat nurse.

While Wan Nyan Slash is simple, we're hoping it lives up to Dot Warrior's engaging and Silver Award-winning puzzler Block Legend.

Wan Nyan Slash will be available to purchase for 69p / 99c when it hits the US and UK iOS App Stores at midnight. It'll also be available for Android tomorrow.