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X-Tactics is an upcoming tactical RPG with a development team that includes alumni from Sega, Square, and Capcom, and it's currently searching for funding through an Indiegogo campaign.

I say searching, it's already hit its funding target and two of its stretch goals and there are still 27 days to run on the campaign. Right now it's sitting at just over $15,000. If it reaches $50,000 it'll be coming to handheld consoles as well as iOS and Android.

The game sees you recruiting hunters to go out and fight turn-based battles. There's four player co-op, and location-based missions. Depending on where you're stood in the real-world, you might unlock some secret content.

It all sounds mighty clever. You can see in the trailer above that the game owes a debt to plenty of classic JRPGs, from The World Ends With You to Final Fantasy Tactics. All of which bodes pretty well.

According to the Indiegogo page, which you can check out right here, X-Tactics will be hitting iOS and Android later in the year. We're pretty interested to see how this one turns out.